Leaking Roof Can Be a Major Repair Job

If your home has a leaking roof and has had it for some time, you need to have a Garland roofer come and look at it as soon as possible. Chances are very good that there is some serious damage taking place and it may cost you a lot more money than necessary of you don’t get it fixed quickly.

When a roof leaks and you see water on your ceiling or walls, chances are very good that there is already a lot more damage than you might think. This is because when water gets into a roof and under the second layer, it can travel for some distance before it becomes visible. It can also cause damage to the wood under the shingles, allow mold to grow in your attic, and more. You may also see watermarks on your ceiling or walls.

There are many reasons why you could have a leak from your roof. It could be something simple like missing or damaged shingles, or curled or cracked shingles if it is an old roof or cedar, damaged or missing flashing, bad vent boots, holes, and more. It could also be something simple like missing or loose nails. In any case, you want it repaired right and you want it repaired completely.

If possible, it is always a good idea to try and have a leaking roof fixed as soon as possible. This will help to prevent small problems from becoming potentially bigger ones and it may help to keep the repair costs down. Be aware, though, that older roofs may need to be completely replaced in order to ensure you and your home stay dry in the future.

Our professional Garland roofers can identify the root of your leaky roof problems and fix it for you. Before they do anything, they can present you with some options and allow you to select the solution that best fits your budget. We will be glad to look at your leaking roof problems and give you a free estimate. We are reasonably priced and all of our work is guaranteed. We enjoy providing you with the quality craftsmanship you want on your home’s roof, making it beautiful for you. Please call us today so we can help you stop that leak in your roof.