Are There Granules in Your Gutters?

You’re doing your yearly inspection and clean out of the gutters and what do you find? Granules in the gutter, sitting there. You think this is weird, but you pay it no attention and keep moving on to continue and finish the cleaning that you’re doing. These granules should not be ignored since they can mean something bigger than just filling up your gutter.

Usually those that see this problem have asphalt shingle roofing material on their home and these granules come from the asphalt shingles. They roll down the roof and into the gutters. There is much more to it then just run off though.

Once you find these granules in your gutters, you should look at the rest of the roof. Is there moss growing on top of the home? Is it becoming a problem? Are you missing shingles throughout the roof? All of these questions are important to ask yourself.

The moss might be a cause of concern since you might not have proper ventilation throughout the attic in your home. The moss can actually start decomposing the asphalt shingles which means the granules that it is not consuming are running down into the gutter system. This means that your roof on the Rowlett home that you own is actually breaking down and not doing what it is supposed to be doing by protecting the inside of your home.

With extreme moisture built up in the attic, the top of the roof is going to have some sort of growth. Even if the area that you live in is not humid or wet a lot of the time, moisture from inside the home such as when you take a shower in the bathroom or are cooking in the kitchen can rise to the attic space and this causes the growth to happen. This is because this excess steam and moisture is not actually leaving the home but building up within the wood and materials through the roof. Sometimes mold and mildew might even be present on the inside around where the moss is found. This is much more serious than the integrity of the home, it has now become more since you are putting yours and your families health in danger.

By taking care of the problem, when you first detect the granules, you’re able to stop it before it gets too far. This is another reason why cleaning your gutters is something that should be done regularly. If they are not cleaned, you might have a problem with the gutter water, as well as any moisture built up in the attic – all of which is slowly causing a disaster to unfold right over your head, in the walls and the foundation of your home.

When you have this problem, you should speak with a professional roofer in Rowlett to find out what your options are. Not only that, but you might also be able to find out a new roofing system that might be better suited for the home that you own.