Attic Ventilation is an Important Consideration for Any Home

Many homes throughout the Rowlett area are most likely losing close to half of their heating and cooling through the attic and roof of their homes. Why? Because the attic is not properly ventilated and this causes leaks to happen throughout the top of the home. Heat rises, which means the attic is the number one place it would leak too.

When it comes to an under ventilated attic, moisture is held in this area and this humidity is the reason that your insulation is not working like it should. This can be a serious problem if you’re trying to keep the money that you have to pay to either heat or cool the home. This is money wasted since you can just ventilate the attic and not have to worry about ever again – who knew?

So what could be happening if your roof is not properly ventilated?

• You’re losing out on money that you spend on your heating and cooling bills
• Your roof lasts a shorter amount of time
• Mold and mildew can easily be spread because of the moisture in the attic which can cause a lot of different health conditions
• Your HVAC system has to work harder because the cool air or heat is not staying in the home
• The structural integrity of the home can be compromised

These problems will not just go away. These problems are problems that will be there throughout the days, weeks and even months until something is done about it. Keep this in mind when you’re concerned about the ventilation throughout the attic. It can cause a big problem for not only your home, but for your health and the health of your family.

When the home is improperly ventilated, you’re either getting too much ventilation or not enough. When there is too much, there will be openings throughout the roof where hot air goes out or cool air leaves. If it is not ventilated enough then the moisture will collect up in the attic and cause many different structural problems. Not enough ventilation can cause many more problems than just having a rising energy bill like having too much ventilation might do.

Having a healthy amount of ventilation, not too much or too little is ideal. You can balance out the ventilation throughout the home if the roof has the right ventilation. This one spot in the home can make all the difference.

This is why it is important to have regular inspections of your Rowlett home to ensure that the roof, all aspects of the inside and the outside of your home and anything else is taken care of by a professional. It is better to fix the problem now then have to go through the headache of it later since it can cause a lot of different problems that can not only be stressful but bad to your health and to your wallet.

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