Best Home Remodel Investment

There are many home remodel investments that you can make, but which one is going to offer you the best return on investment? Which one is the smart choice to make over another? Perhaps you only have so much money to spend and you can do one project and one project alone. This can present challenges when it comes to choosing which one you should do on your Rowlett home, but rest assured knowing that there are statistics out there that show exactly which remodel project can bring you the biggest in return, while also which one you might feel the most comfortable spending the money on.

One thing to always keep in mind when deciding which remodel project to do is which one do you need the most? If you really need to replace old, leaky windows then this should be the first remodel project that you should do, hands down. You do not want to risk not replacing something that should be replaced if it is broken or not working as it should.

The Top Investments for 2014

• Siding – Siding is one of those essential remodel projects that you usually have to do at some point during the time you’re living in the home. Depending on the type of siding that you choose to put on the home, you can be looking at just a little under 100% or up to 130% of your investment back when you decide to sell. That is right, that much money can come right back to you. Vinyl siding provides the lower end of the return, while fiber cement is at the top.
• Windows – You’re able to get up over a 95% on return when you have new windows installed throughout your home. Not only that, but you can also start saving money as soon as you have them in. Why? Because you’re no longer spending so much in your energy bills to heat or cool the home – what you’re putting in the house, is staying in the home now.
• Door – Changing doors around the home is one thing, but changing the front door can make all the difference when it comes to curb appeal, as well as energy saving properties. You can save more by changing the front door and the windows at the same time. This is one of the least expensive remodels that can be done. Fiber glass doors return close to 90%, but if you go with a steel door, expect to get all of what you spend back. Not only are steel doors safe, but they provide the closure that you need.
• Roof – A roof is one of the more expensive options for remodel that you will be looking at, but one that is able to keep on giving. This is because you will save money in your energy bill by having the new roof, but you will also see a healthy 90% return on the investment that you make. This is a great thing to consider when thinking about replacing that old roof.

Speak with a Rowlett contractor today to find out more about having these and more types of remodels that you can have done on your home. They can be well worth it.