Choosing the Right Color of Roof

With so much thought going into the material that is used on your roof, you might completely neglect the importance of the color. The roof is one of the first things that people see as they approach your home, so you will want to make sure that the roof matches the rest of the building. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the color of your roof also influences its functionality, making this a very important decision for your home.

Selecting a Color

Before choosing a color for your roof, make sure that you look at a variety of different samples. The color that you choose is permanent, since you cannot paint these shingles, so do not rush into any decision. Compare the color that you choose to your siding and shutters, as it should compliment these colors, rather than blending in with them. Make sure that you compare the colors in both the sun and the shade, while keeping the color of your trees and shrubs in mind while making your choice.

Your Climate

The climate in which you live should influence your choice. An Irving roofing company, for example, might recommend that you go with asphalt shingles that have been specially designed to reflect heat, rather than absorb it. This is because the hot summers in the area could lead to a great deal of heat being absorbed by these shingles, which would increase your cooling costs by quite a bit. Your contractor will have more information on these shingles, as they are very popular in this area.

Light or Dark Colors

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the color that you choose is that dark colors tend to hold heat better than light colors. In fact, it has been noted that a dark colored roof can make the attic about 10 degrees warmer on a sunny day than a light colored roof. This is very important in the Irving-area, since the summers are so hot. While you do not have to go with a white roof, choosing light gray can help keep your home cooler than it would be with a black roof.