Commercial Roofing Compared to Residential Roofing

Commercial roofing and residential roofing have a lot of differences that people are not aware of. They are both done in a different manner, although they both have the same goal – to make sure the building is covered from the outside elements. Even so, the materials that are used, process that is done and the space that is covered when roofing either residential or commercial buildings are different.

Whether you need your commercial or residential property roofed, you need to consider the differences, so you do not think that one is like the other if you’re familiar with one, but not the other.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is something that is done on the home that someone lives in. It is something that protects the inside of the home against the outside elements. It is done in many ways – depending on the materials that are chosen. They can be anything from shingles to metal to tiles. You can put a new look on your home, and it can be done relatively quickly by a professional that knows the process. Residential roofing is also something that should take some consideration and thought depending on what type of roofing you want to put on your home.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is when a covering is put on a building, that could be massive, to protect the inside of the building from the outside elements. This is usually done through various methods depending on the materials that are used which can be tar, cement or other industrial materials. Since buildings are larger, more exposed to the elements and need better care – the materials used for roofing them are generally much thicker, commercialized and harder to break down with time. Commercial buildings will usually take more time to roof, as well. This is because there is a lot more ground to cover, but it might also be easy for the roofers since it is generally a flat roof that they can walk easily on.

Depending on the need that you have, you will now know that sometimes the residential properties have a little less work, need lighter, more efficient roofing materials and require a little more time to choose which to put on the home. While commercial buildings are more rugged, need tougher materials and you do not have to think long and hard about which materials to put on them – especially on an existing building that already has a certain type of roofing – you would generally just continue with that type.

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