Your Roof Is The Most Important Component  Of Your Home

You roof is an essential part of any structure or building. It prevents our home from external influences such as heavy rains, UV rays, snow, winds and work as a shield guard against these influences. The integrity of the roof is very important not only for the construction of the building but also for the residents and the goods stored within the building.

The roof structure must be designed to resist the dead load forced by the framing and roofing as well as the pressure of wind and in several areas, drifting dust or snow. The roofing must be durable, leakproof, and perhaps satisfy supplementary requirements such as being fireproof and good thermal insulator.

Canyon Creek Roofing is a renowned roofing company that offers residential as well as commercial roofing services in Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Plano and surrounding areas. CC Roofing is deeply devoted to provide the people with the best product which meets all the norms, standards, specification and criterions of durability and all long lasting characters. We have successfully installed over 46,000 roofs.

CC Roofing involves in various residential and commercial roofing projects:

  • Residential Roofing
  • Shopping mall roof systems
  • Universities & Schools roofing systems
  • Apartment roofing systems
  • Office Building roofing systems
  • Warehouse roof systems
  • Condominium roof systems

There is an extensive variety of roof shapes, coverings and frames from which to choose. The selection is related to factors such as:

  • The dimension /size and use of the building
  • Its expected life and appearance
  • The accessibility and cost of materials.

Roofs can be classified in three ways:

  • According to the level of the surface, i.e. whether it is pitched or horizontal.
  • In accordance with the structural principles of the design.
  • As per the span.

Complete Roofing Services in Dallas Collin and Denton Counties:

Roof slating – Irrespective of the size of the project, we supply and fix any type of roof slate.

Roof Tiling – We attach quality tiles to your roofs

Single Ply Roofing – Our roofers are highly trained, experienced and skilled to do the job and are competent enough to exceed expectations.

Materials for your roofs:

Shingles – An assortment of asphalt or wood shingles is available.  They are cheap and best for cottage and bungalows type homes.

Metal – We have an assortment of metal roof to choose from whether they are steel, copper or aluminum.  It gives your home a contemporary feel and has a long life span.

Tile – An assortment of clay or concrete, this gives your home an Italian or Mediterranean feel.  They are easily maintainable and very resilient.

Slate – It provides your home a colonial feel.  It is fire proof, durable and is easy to maintain.

Canyon Creek Roofing makes sure that the materials to be used on your roof, whether they are shingles, stone slab, thatch, slate or ceramic tiles, are of premier quality and the roofers who perform the job would meet your expectations. Our Garland Texas based roofers perform their task with full dedication and deliver satisfaction with excellence. Our work is always being commended by the patrons we serve.