The Drawbacks of Warm Weather


As Jack Frost breathes his last frosty sigh of cold winter air, we are lucky enough to escape the vortex and experience a warm sigh of spring relief. Unfortunately, most good things are peppered with a little bit of negativity. With the quickly approaching warm weather, we also tend to experience unwelcome and often damaging rain storms. Heavy wind gusts, torrential downpours and rapidly warming temperatures can segue into a whole host of new problems for people both young and old.

Falling Limbs
Severe winds often accompany rain storms, they tear through your yard causing once stationary items such as garbage cans and lawn chairs to take flight. Powerful winds can also snap off strong tree limbs resulting in damage to your roof’s surface. Once a tree limb breaks, the branch forms a jagged end that can easily puncture shingles and the roof’s protective covering. Holes and uneven surfaces on the roof can quickly lead to water damage inside of your home. It is impossible to stop nature in its tracks, but you can protect your room from the elements with the help of a good roofer.

Backyard Critters
No one wants to brave the destructive warm weather storms, not even creatures that normally thrive outdoors. The temperamental spring weather might cause a few new tenants to invite themselves into your home. They won’t be knocking on the door, but they will be wreaking a special kind of havoc. Cute and fuzzy squirrels normally love nesting in high areas such as trees, but falling branches can lead to destruction of their homes. Seeking comfort and dry areas for their loved ones, they often chew through roofing and shingles and burrow themselves into your insulation. Birds are also famous for making their home your own. They like building their messy nests in drain pipes and gutters, preventing water from draining properly and quickly leading to water damage. If you are thinking the only way to evict these pesky creatures is wait them out, think again because there is one more option. A professional roofer would gladly help you remove these backyard hooligans.

What to do if a tree falls on your roof

Roof Leaking
Torrential down pours and swift winds can cause nasty consequences. Rain can cause bubbling on the top of the roof and cause the protective sealant to deteriorate. If you notice water pooled on your roof’s surface, this might be cause for concern. Water should repel from the roof’s surface and slide off. If this does not happen quickly after a storm, please do not climb up and investigate by yourself. Climbing ladders, especially after a big storm can be quite dangerous. Please call a professional to check out the situation.

The large city of Rowlett, Texas experiences many tropical storms during the spring and summer months. While Mother Nature tears through the area with her ravaging storms, many roofs and homes can experience damage. Instead of venturing out in the middle of the storm to assess the exterior of your home, wait until it is safe to go outside and then check for signs. If you notice anything different about your roof, or see debris or tree branches on the top of your house, be sure to call a local roofer to help you out.