Explaining a Roofing Contractor’s Estimate

When you decide to have your roof replaced, there is often a great deal of uncertainty involved. For starters, most homeowners have no idea how much it will cost and how much work the replacement will entail. In short, it depends on the shape of the roof. Generally, the faster your Allen roofing contractor can complete the job, the less you can expect to pay. Of course, the materials used and the contractor that you choose will also influence the total cost, so make yourself aware of every factor involved before starting this process.

Leaky Roofs

In many cases, when a roof has a leak, it means that significant damage has occurred underneath the shingles. When the trusses and other parts of the roof have to be replaced, the cost will increase as well. Many homeowners are shocked when they hear a final estimate because of this damage, since the final quote is often more than the original estimate. It is important that you let the contractor know about any leaks that have occurred in the home, as this gives you a much better chance of receiving an accurate estimate.

Other Damage

Even if the roof does not leak, there is a chance that some damage has been done beneath the surface. If the roof is allowed to get beyond its recommended life, mold and fungus can develop beneath the shingles. This occurs when moisture is able to make its way past the shingles and into the plywood below. When the plywood and insulation must be replaced because of this moisture, you can expect your estimate to be much higher than it would be otherwise.

Choosing a Contractor

Because of these potential issues, it is not always the best choice to simply choose the least expensive contractor. Before making your selection, you should carefully look at the estimate and see what is include in the price. If one contractor has included all of these repairs in the estimate and the other has not, there is a good chance that the cheaper estimate will not stay at its low price once damage repairs are factored into it.