Finding a Qualified Roofer

Every year the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives more than millions of inquiries for qualified roofers and is currently the industry most asked for. One of the more common reasons for a roofing inquiry is emergency roof repair due to hail damage, fallen trees or unrepaired leaks that finally give in to a hard rain storm.

Unfortunately, the immediate need for roof repair combined with the frequency of “after-disaster” roofers who pop up after a storm rolls through increases the chances you will get a sub-par contractor working on your home. If a roofer comes to you after a storm there’s a fair chance they may not have much roofing experience and possibly trying to take advantage of the situation. Make sure your roofer has decades of experience and has a business address in your area. If you feel pressured to sign a contract or hire a roofer it’s probably best to trust your instincts.

As with any large purchase (even if insurance is paying most of the bill) it’s vitally important to do your research. Find a BBB Accredited roofing company like Canyon Creek Roof Co. Follow up with references, ideally more than a year old. Recent references are fine, but if the roofer’s work goes bad in a couple months it’s impossible to know if all their references were recent. Make sure your roofing company is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a good rating.

Get several estimates for the same job, materials, labor and always get details in writing. If one of the estimates is much lower than the others it’s possibly a scam. Many “fly-by-night” roofing contractors under bid the local contractors, do a shoddy job and aren’t around when things go wrong in a month or two. If the contract is confusing, make sure you get all details cleared up before signing and watch out for contracts that include large cancellation fees.