Fixing Leaks in Skylights

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. Whether they were there when you purchased the home, or if you had them installed after you moved in – they can be a great way to add additional lighting into the home and provide sun on a rather dreary day. With this, you’re then able to take the next step and make the most of the skylights – until they start to leak.

When the skylight starts to leak, this can cause further damage to the area around it, down the walls and the integrity of the home. This is considered a problem and it should be taken care of when the time comes. You should not just leave it as it is. The problem will only become worse, not better because you did not take the time to have it looked at, fixed or replaced and then put back in the original order – so you can continue to enjoy it.

The skylight is going to be a beautiful addition, it was meant to let in the sunshine, it was meant to add additional air – but when it is not working properly and letting in the water, it can also cause additional problems, big problems.

Leaking Skylight Water into the Home

When you have water leaking into your home from a skylight, not only is this causing problems with the roof but it is also causing problems with the walls of the home. It is causing the foundation of the home to crack and break down with time. It is causing the home to lose integrity with each and every drop of water that leaks into the home. Take a second and consider what needs to be done in order to fix the problem that you’re currently having.

Hire a professional to fix the skylight for you. You will need to have a roofer come over and patch the leak, or you might want to have a new skylight put in, so it is able to work better or function properly unlike the old one. This can be done, but you have to make sure that the roofer is able to inspect it and then give you a better idea of what exactly needs to be done. We can then provide you with an estimate of how much it is going to cost for the problem to be fixed.

When the time comes to have that leaky skylight fixed, give us a call here. We are a premier Dallas roofing company that is able to provide you with all you need and more. When you speak with us, we are more than happy to come over and assess the damage that is done to the skylight. Take the next step and have it fixed, have it replaced and make the most of the skylight that was once beautiful and still can be.

Call us today and learn much more about the skylight that you have in your home.