Hail Damage and Leaking Roofs in North Texas

Hail Damaged RoofStorm season is coming and there will likely be hail in your roof’s forecast. Fortunately most hail damage is minor and doesn’t need immediate repair – often damaged shingles will not leak for weeks or months of further storms. however, some hail storms will cause immediate roof damage and leaks, especially if you have previously unrepaired damage. It’s important to visually inspect your roof after any strong storm and if your ceiling is leaking or showing water stains have a professional check out your roof immediately. Minor repairs to your roof could save major repairs to your ceilings and walls if left unchecked.

After any storm look at your roof. If you see dents, missing shingles or anything unusual, call us immediately for a free estimate. Even a small leak can allow water into your roof and attic, slowly building up and eating away at the wood beams that support your roof.