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Dallas weather – storms, hail, tornadoes, extreme heat – affect your roof, siding, and all other areas of your house every day. Over time it’s natural that shingles will be damaged or fall off, siding will get dents and holes, gutters will get clogged or detach from your roof. It’s important to inspect the interior and exterior of your home regularly and have a professional inspect your roof, siding, ceilings, etc 2-4 times a year. Especially in North Texas where we have some of the most extreme conditions throughout the year – heat, cold, rain, hail, high winds.

Fortunately weather in Texas is somewhat predictable so we can plan for bad weather. Spring is a good time to get your roof inspected, specifically after a harsh winter, before the storm season starts you’ll want to make sure there aren’t any leaks or roof damage that could prove to turn costly if not treated early. Minor leaks or damage can easily turn into expensive and inconvenient issues if you let them go. Small tears in shingles or a loose gutter is easy and inexpensive to fix, but after a storm or high winds you could be facing large leaks that not only damage your roof, but your interior ceilings, walls, carpet and other parts of your home. Remember – your roof is the first line of defense against rain, hail, sleet, etc. it’s designed to withstand these elements where the rest of your home is not. A small leak can build up over time, cause water stains, weaken ceilings, grow mold. Make sure you’re not at risk and schedule an roof inspection today.