What is the Process of Shingling a Roof on a Home?

The process of shingling your roof is a bit more in depth that what you may think. Even though the company is able to do it quickly and efficiently, they have numerous years of practice and knowledge when it comes to roofing a home. Shingling a roof is much more than throwing our tools and getting to work. There is a process that is done to ensure that everything is done correctly and everyone is on the right page. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the outcome and in order for that to happen, we have to make sure that we make a plan of action.

The Process

We will speak about the choices that you have for roofing materials. You can choose which you feel the most comfortable using and that fits your specific budget. We will have to consider any obstacles that might be in the way and then give you a quote based on roof size and the materials chosen.

roofing materials

We will come to your home once a contract is agreed upon, after you choose the materials and we agree to the price for the roof. We will then remove the old roof from the home. Depending on the weather, and time of year, half of the roof may be removed prior to removing the rest of it. We want to ensure the roof is always covered in case of rain or other weather elements.

When we remove the roofing, we will start by laying new insulation, padding and shingles to the roof. Insulation is something that can be added extra, but it is of course, optional. We will lay them down row by row so that you’re able to stay in the home or go out, it is your choice.

roof insulation

Our process is efficient and we can work fairly fast. We want to provide you with the beautiful, long lasting roof that you’re in need of. We use many products, and will bring all of the roofing to your home and leave the materials there so when we come back each day, we can have access to them.

Before the process begins, we ask that you sign the contract and pay just a small portion of what is due to cover the costs of the materials. After the roofing job is complete, then we ask for the remaining balance so that we can be paid for our services.

We are hard workers and we provide the necessary work on your roof when you’d like to have it done. We know what it means to provide quality services and products for the home that you have, since this is what protects you in the long run and what is going to keep protecting you as time moves forward.

All you have to do is give us a call and we can speak with you more about adding the roof on your home that you’re in need of. We are always ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may think.