How to Lower the Costs of a New Roof

When it comes time to get a new roof on your home or business in Plano, you can be sure that it is going to be costly. The good news is that there are ways to save some money. You may not need to pay top dollar. A Plano roofer can help you make the right choices and help you save money.

Get Several Estimates

Contact three or four roofing companies in Plano and ask them to give you a free estimate for your new roof. They will be glad to do this for you, but be sure to have the estimate include the cost of removal of the roofing materials, the cost of replacing them, and the square footage that they will work on. You also want to be sure to have them list the quality of the materials to be used with the length of the warranty. Also have them carefully describe any other important details so that there are no surprises or disappointments later.

Perform Some Research on the Roofing Companies

With the Internet, look up the name of the companies to see if there are a lot of complaints against it. Also, be sure to go to the Better Business Bureau’s site and find out about the companies from them. Remember that getting a new roof put on your house – even at a discount price – is still a considerable chunk of change. If you get the wrong company, you don’t want to have to pay out much more to have it redone right later!

Have the Work Done Off-Season

Talk to the Plano roofing company during their off-season months – Spring is a good time. During this time of year, the company’s work slows down and they are glad to get work to keep their roofers busy. They will often charge less at this time to get the job. This can give you considerable savings.

Get Referrals

When dealing with any contractor, especially where a lot of money is involved, you should always get referrals first. You can get these from friends, or from the company itself. Be sure to go and take a look at the roofs the company has done recently, and talk to a couple of owners to see if there were any problems.

You can contact Plano roofers today in order to get your free estimate. Our professional roofers will be glad to talk to you about the possible options you may have for your new roof, and may even be able to show you how to make it last longer.