How to Pick a New Roof in Texas

new roof install

Picking a new roof for your home is an important job that can be challenging, whether for an existing home, or newly built. There are many different materials available for your consideration. Among them, wood, asphalt, slate, shingles, tiles, clay and concrete. Style is a factor to consider in addition to material weight, requirements for installation, and cost of the product. Here is some information to consider when choosing your new roof:

Cost Consideration

There are different factors that affect how much a new roof will cost. First thing to consider is cost of materials. The condition your existing roof is in, will old roofing material need to be stripped before laying new ones? Is repair needed for the structure supporting the materials? If either of these are the case, cost will be higher. Another factor to consider, the roof shape. Gable roofs that have couple breaks in the roofs planes (dormers, vent pipes, or chimneys) is considered a simple job. If the roof has a few chimneys, rooflines intersecting, skylights, etc. the cost will be more.

Roof Materials

It is important to remember, all roofs cannot use every material for roofing. Steep pitched roof might need a different surface than flat or low slope roofs. Some material is too heavy for some houses to carry.

Asphalt shingles are the most common material used. This is least expensive and easy to install. There are two configurations available. Standard thickness, and laminated thicker shingles. Laminated last approximately half as long as the standard, but have textured appearance that is appealing. Fifteen years usually compared to 25 for standard.

Top choice for many centuries, wood. These shingles are split or sawn, and made of redwood, southern pine, or cedar usually. Similar life span as asphalt, but costs approximately double.

With all materials for roofs, slate is one of the more durable. Slate is not all the same, depends on what state it came from. This is very heavy and costly. Lifespan can be 50 years,

Cement and tile roofs have a nice look. They are very heavy and durable, but expensive, also. Depending on weather and quality, lifespan can be 50 years.

Roofs that are metal are expensive and durable. Depending on the quality of installation and the metal, they can last 20 to 50 years.

Installation Factors

You will most likely need flashing, important for all work that is exterior. This made of plastic or metal film. This is applied were materials that are dissimilar join. It is used for keeping the structure watertight, and where these materials meet are likely leaking places.

Majority of roofs require tar paper to be rolled before any shingles get nailed down. However, cedar shakes require furring strips to be laid so the roof can breathe. Areas with snow may also lay a membrane which is called a ice and snow shield.

If laying a new roof on an existing roof in Texas, that helps determine what material to use. Other things to consider when picking your roof besides cost is color, texture, durability, and weight. Call us today to make sure your new roof is installed correctly by a professional roofing company!