Information on Gutter Installation

Unless you are extremely confident with your do-it-yourself skills, you should always contact a professional to help with your gutter installation. There are many Richardson gutter installation companies standing by to assist you with this major job and, compared to many other home improvement jobs, this is relatively inexpensive. If you insist on doing the job yourself, however, there are a few things that you should consider before you begin.

Have a Plan

Never head into this or any other home renovation without a plan. Start by drawing a diagram of your home and mapping out where the gutters will go. From there, you can begin taking measurements and figuring out which parts you will need. Keep in mind that you will have to come up with plans for the attachment points, corners, and hangers at this point as well. You should also determine where you want the water to run, as this will ensure that you plan correctly.

Downward Slope

Do not forget to include a downward slope when installing your gutters, as this is what allows the water to run away from your house. Generally, the slope should be equivalent to two centimeters every three meters. This creates enough of a slope for the water to drain properly without creating so much of a slope that the water runs uncontrollably.

Cutting the Gutter

After purchasing all of the materials that you will need, you can begin cutting your gutters. Remember that you must give each piece additional space, since the gutters should be long enough to reach the middle part of the downspout, rather than the edge. Cut longer, rather than shorter, since it is easier to make the gutter shorter than it is to lengthen it later.

Downspout First

Have the downspouts in place first and then add the gutters to them after. This ensures that you have enough length to keep your downspouts where you want them, rather than having to move them if you make a mistake. Once the downspouts are in installed, place your hangers about one meter apart all the way along the house. Start at the highest point of the gutter system and work down towards the spouts.