Inspecting Your Roof Before Winter Hits is Essential

Your roof is the protective covering over your home. The important aspect that perhaps you did not think of before as being so important. However, when the winter hits and ice, freezing rain, sleet and snow become a possibility – you have to ensure that you are ready for all that it brings. Even being in Dallas, you may not get much snow but even with the temperature drops – being prepared is better than not doing anything at all and dealing with the problems that might multiply by the spring time comes back around.

repalce-repair-roofEven if the weather is still somewhat cool and mild, doing the roof inspection during this time is important. You do not want to sit down during Christmas dinner and discover that the roof is leaking right on the table! The melting snow that becomes trapped up there in a spot that you didn’t inspect in the first place can be frustrating, costly and aggravating.

Dallas Winter Roof Inspection

When you get up there to inspect the roof, make sure that the gutters and the roof are completely cleaned off. This will allow you to see any problem areas easily and get them fixed within a timely manner. This also ensures that the drainage going off of your roof when the freezing rain and snow comes is going to go in the right place, not pool on your roof or flow over the already full gutters and into your walls and foundation.

Once you do find problem areas, let’s hope that you do not, you should speak with someone that is able to come up there and have them fixed. They will be able to seal the areas tight so that nothing happens during the winter months.

In addition to the roof problems, make sure to have any gutter problems addressed as well since this will provide you with a way to drain the water easier. Check the elbows, hardware and other areas where water might be a problem and not completely drain out of the spout at the bottom of the gutter system.

Winter is a time of year where you should not have to worry about the roof, gutters, lawn and so on but you will end up worrying about them if you do not do this inspection before the winter comes. Many homeowners might not know the importance of doing these inspections or perhaps are afraid to go up on a ladder to the roof – this is why there are roofing professionals out there that can do the inspection and the repairs for you. So you do not have to but you can still enjoy the holidays and festive, chilly season with family instead of catching water from the roof in a bucket.

Speak with a professional roofer in Allen if you find problem areas that need to be addressed. They are also able to do the inspection for you to ensure that you did not miss any problem areas so that you are ready for the winter ahead. Better safe then sorry!