Trouble with insurance claim for your damaged roof?

Visit Canyon Creek Roofing Company Inc for the best solution
Yes, that’s right. If you are a Texan, come to Canyon Creek Roofing Company Inc to solve your roofing problem once for all. Our owner, Mr. Fred Bolanz, has served as a key official on the Board of Directors for North Texas Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (NTRCA) as well as the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) for umpteen number of years, solving many such problems like that of yours in the past. So, it’s no wonder that he will solve yours, too. Besides, Mr. Bolanz holds the Texas State Property/Casualty Adjustor’s license to apply his proficiency in settling all such matters in his native State.

However, you must know where you stand, as far as insurance claims for damaged roofs are concerned. To begin with, Canyon Creek Roofing Company will submit an estimate for re-roofing the structure. Then call your insurance company to send their adjustor to visit the site and evaluate the damage and at the same time, file your claim. However, have no worries if you find the adjustor’s evaluation falling short of the estimate submitted by CC Roofing because now you are backed by a reputed company to stand behind you on the whole issue. In fact, our roofing professionals will help you sort out the matter in its proper perspective till a satisfactory solution is reached.

You should also feel confident because according to the state bylaws, the insurance company is bound to process your roofing claim and pay the money to you (or your authorized agent) once you have filed the claim appropriately (take the help of CCR in this matter, if you feel like doing so because filing a claim is a bit chaotic, too). Under normal conditions, the insurance company should approve or reject your roof claim within a month’s time on receipt of your claim. However, this does not include the time taken by you in providing the necessary information asked by the insurance company with regard to settling your claim. In certain cases, where the insurance company has to depend on data secured form sources other than those available with you, they may take a few more days. In any case, they can not take more than 45 days to arrive at a decision. In extraordinary cases where roofing repair claims arise out of some natural disaster or weather-related issues, the insurance company may take another 45 days to settle such claims.

Nevertheless, the insurance company is legally bound to let you know in writing as to why they have rejected your claim for a new roof or a roof repair fully or in part, providing adequate grounds for taking such actions. Also, in the event of your claim being approved, the insurance company should not take more than 5 business days to pay you the same. In weather-related claims, an additional 15 days are spent in processing and paying the claim.

By the way, in Texas, you will be within your rights to refuse any roofing repair or roof damage settlement amount considered disproportionate to your claim amount, which incidentally covers the evaluation process not following usual procedures.

Incidentally, Canyon Creek Roofing is an exceeding helpful company who appreciates the problems faced by innocent home owners in getting their insurance claims from big insurance companies having their own legal experts who can turn the table in favor of their companies almost with the drop of a hat. Canyon Creek Roofing’s vast professional experience comes to play in saving people from such situations whenever required.