Insurance Covering Hail Damage on Your Garland Home

Having hail hit your Garland home can be something that causes a decent amount of damage. It is something that you’re going to want to have fixed, but what if you do not have the cash on hand to pay for it? This happens to a lot of people. One of the biggest and best things you can do is to check out your homeowners policy to see if they are able to cover the damages that the hail has done to your home. This can save you money and get the damage fixed.

Normally, homeowners insurance will cover storm damage. Any damage that is done by high, strong winds, hail and even tornadoes can be covered under your policy. You should still check with your policy and insurance company to be sure, not every policy is the same.

There are many factors that go into determining whether your roof is going to be covered by your policy, as well. Here are some of the things to consider, since each company goes off a case by case basis.

  • The age of the roof on your home
  • The condition your roof was in prior to the damage being done
  • The area that you currently live in
  • The extent of the damage done to your roof
  • The type of roof that your home has on it

Keep in mind that the insurance company may not reimburse you for the total amount that is required to fix the hail damage. This is something you have to expect, depending on the damage that was done. Not only that, but they are going to want to send out one of their inspectors to check out the damage and decide whether or not this is something that should be covered under your specific plan.

Each home and insurance company is different. You may have suffered from a lot of storm damage on your Garland home, or just a little. Whatever the case is, it is always ideal to check with your homeowners insurance policy about covering the costs prior to dishing out the money from your pocket. You never know, they may be able to help you in this time of need. The worst they are going to say is no.

Another great way to consider the damages done on your roof is to consider replacing the material that your roof is made from. If you choose to go with a metal or high resistance shingle, you’re better off when it comes to combating hail or damaging winds in the area.
If you do find that your Garland home’s roof needs to be repaired because of the hail damage, speak with us here. We are able to give you an estimate regarding the repairs that need to be done in order to get your roof back in working condition. We are a professional, reputable roofing company that knows how important your roof is to your home.