Leaking Roofs

Leaking RoofLeaky roofs are always a cause for concern. They can also be the cause of your headaches. Finding where the leak is coming from in your roof can be a tricky task and may take quite some time to find. Not finding where the roof is leaking from can cause a lot of damage if it is not addressed in a timely manner, however, so finding out where the leak is coming from and fixing the issue as soon as possible is ideal.

A leaking roof may not be apparent, unless you visit your attic more than once or twice a year or you inspect it often. Most likely you notice that your roof might be leaking if you start having water stains or even dripping water from your ceiling on the interior of your home. Water marks and holes are mostly cosmetic from the interior, especially if you caught the problem and fixed it early enough for there to not have much damage. You can either repaint your ceiling, or if there was a hole you will need to patch it before repainting.

The real issue is within your roof, though, so remember that even if you fix the appearance of your interior ceiling you still need to take care of the area that is creating the problem. It will be easiest to find the area the roof is leaking from during a time when it is raining, since you will be able to see where the water is coming from. If the forecast says it is not supposed to rain for a while, you can take a garden hose to your roof top and let the water run over the general area that the leak is coming from. Inside your home you can then check to see where the water is dripping from. Once you find the area that the water is dripping from, you will want to take measurements so you can see the area from the outside. You can use a wall or fixtures such as vent pipes to easily determine where it is on the outside portion of your roof. You will then want to repair any broken shingles or fixtures that are causing your roof to leak. You can then test the area again with a garden hose (or check it out during a rain shower) to make sure that you effectively have taken care of the leak.

If you do not fix a roof leak, you open up your home to problems such as mold – some types can be extremely dangerous and even fatal to some people – and you can end up paying thousands in repairs alone, not even counting the cost of replacing your roof if it ends up caving in. It may seem like a headache in the making, but you, your family, and your belongings depend on the roof that is over your head. Making sure that it is working to the best of it’s ability should be a top priority for every home owner.