From the Owner of Canyon Creek Roof Company:

As we approach each new season, the potential of damaging WIND, RAIN and HAIL are ever present. If a disaster of any type were to occur, you would certainly begin to see roofers and contractors emerge from every corner of the world. Right now many from Texas are scattered in different states from Alabama to Minnesota working storms that occurred in those areas. The DFW area has been a very slow market for roof contractors and many have had to travel outside their normal service area to stay in business. Texas, as you know, is not a licensed state and many contractors would certainly come to this area from out of town to make some quick money and then leave. Some would do a good job and others would not. This is point at hand why you definitely should choose a local contractor, one with a long history in your community, serving your friends and neighborhood.That company is us. If you need us we will be there for you. If you have a problem we will resolve it. We have a real address and have been in the same area for 30 years. We won’t give you the address of a motel or temporary suite that we rented until the storm’s over. You need to make sure and verify that your contractor is a member of RCAT by calling 1-800-997-6631. This is the state of Texas Roof Contractors Association that has a certification program. Ask if your contractor is certified. By being certified it is a requirement to take a knowledge exam, prove up credit references, job references, continuing education and insurance. Make sure your contractor is a member of the NTRCA by calling 817-792-3674. These Associations do not let out-of-town contractors come in and join so they can get work and then leave you high and dry or (WET) in many cases. JUST BE CAREFUL!!!

We would appreciate the opportunity to be your roof company. We will work hard for you. We will, however, ask you to do a little work for us. Maybe not quite as hard, but after we finish installing your NEW ROOF or doing your REPAIR, we will ask that you tell your friends, family and neighbors about us. If we do something wrong we will ask you to tell those same friends, family and neighbors what we did and that we took care of it because we will. We are not perfect and we are not satisfied until you are.

Fred L. Bolanz, Jr.