Missing Shingles on Your Dallas Roof

When it comes to having missing shingles on your Dallas home, you have to know what could possibly go wrong with your home if this is something that does not get fixed. It is something that might become a problem later on down the road – if it is not already causing you problems. With this being said, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing and you should make sure to hire the best Dallas roofing company in the area that is able to help you with everything that you need.

Here is a little information on the problems that can arise when it comes to missing shingles on the roof of your Dallas home.

You can find that water is starting to leak inside your home. It can come from the ceiling and even down the walls. This leaking water can lead to additional problems with not only the sheet rock throughout the inside of your home, but also the foundation of your home. When the water leaks into these areas, you will find that it breaks down the foundation of the home, leaving it less than perfect.

Mold and mildew are also something that can come along with water that is leaking into the home. This can then bring on sickness to those that live there and it can break down the integrity of the home. In order to keep everyone safe, and not sick – it is essential that you get your missing shingles repaired before the mold and mildew have time to grow. Mold is a serious problem, especially black mold – so reducing the chances of having this grow within your walls is always ideal. Stopping it before it starts can prevent further damage later on.

call Canyon Creek Roof Company if you find missing shingles after a stormWhen the foundation of your home has been compromised, the home itself is not able to hold the weight within it and house the people that live in it. This is something worth considering when it comes to having missing shingles, water inside the home and a bad set up in general. These are things that should be finished, thought about and therm taken care of. Missing shingles might not seem like such a bad thing, until you realize the extent of damage that has been done to your home because of it.

Speaking with a qualified professional roofer in Dallas can give you a better idea of the damage that you’re looking at. They are able to give you an overview of the damage and how much it may cost to repair, or what needs to be fixed.

Storm Damage - shingles missing
Speak with us here to find out what we can do about the missing shingles on your home. We are able to provide you with the information that you need, when you need it and provide high quality service that you’re after. We are the premier roofers in the Dallas area that are able to provide you with the help you need – when you need it and all you have to do is call.