More than Roofing: Dallas General Contractor

Canyon Creek Roof Company, Inc not only knows how to construct a roof but also has expertise in other home improvement and restoration fields and services

Canyon Creek Roof Company of Garland, Texas is a name to reckon with whenever you are confronted with roofing problems for your home or office. It matters little if your old roof has developed a serious crack or has been hail damaged during this year’s severe hail storm – CCR’s unbeatable service will solve the problem in a matter of few days. The secret behind this phenomenal success in the company’s roofing business lies in its founder’s honesty and integrity on one hand and his inflexible insistence in using the best available material indented from renowned suppliers and manufacturers on the other. The combination, as you can understand, results in super quality roof that is guaranteed to last for many years. But what you are probably not aware of relates to the company’s other equally superb services that are being discussed in this treatise. From our Garland location we will travel to most cities in notrh Texas including Denton, Plano, Allen, Richardson, McKinney and Lewisville. Call today for a free estimate.

Let us, for instance, take the case of skylights that are custom made by CCR specialists.  These unique devices, when installed to your roof increases the amount of natural light in your room on one hand while saving utility charges on the other. According to estimation, CCR skylights often function as 400 watt incandescent lamps on most days. Moreover, you can have a view of the night sky after sundown through them without bothering to go out of your room. The company, incidentally, makes all types of skylights that include tubular, fixed as well as ventilating types, the installation depending on the type of room chosen for it. For smaller rooms or kitchenettes, the ventilating type will be more suitable while parlors will get more light with roof mounted bigger skylights. However, it is best to leave the matter to the company’s home amenity experts to decide on the type that are best suited to your rooms.

Canyon Roof Company’s gutter installation service save you from rain drops whenever you are getting in coming out of your auto. CCR understands the importance of rain gutters and downspouts that collect and carry away rainwater during precipitation. If these are not installed at strategic areas, water would cause undue erosion of soil around the foundation thereby weakening the structure. However, buying gutters and installing them are two different stories. Not that you cannot install the gutters, but remember, if sufficient gradient is not provided for them, the rainwater will flow back and inundate your porch or the garage. Canyon Creek’s expert guttering installers can do a professional job of it, so that not a drop of water will touch your body or your auto, rain or shine.

Yet another valuable service that is rendered by Canyon Creek home experts is wood repairing. How many times you have thought about doing it yourself but failed for lack of expertise and dearth of useful tools? For instance, you need power saws, heavy duty electrical drills and many more such tools and implements to repair/replace the rotted soffit or the fascia board. But with CCR crew this is made very easy! All you need to do is to show them the area where wood repairing is essential and the job will be done almost overnight.

When it comes to fencing or painting, you can safely leave it to CCR crew members who know their job only too well. Do you possibly have any idea of hues that are suitable for the outside or the inside of your home? Surely not, since you are probably an accountant much too familiar with your figures than with magenta or vivid green! Leave it to people whose bread and butter depend on this field of work.