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When you think of roofing components for your home or office, Canyon Creek Roof products are your best buy

Canyon Creek Roofing Company headed by Mr. Fred L. Bolanz is a household name in Texas for their outstanding re-roofing work. Nevertheless, their roofing components and allied products have also earned them a big name in most Texas towns and suburbs. Their state-of-the-art product gallery has resulted from Mr. Bolanz’s rigid principle of indenting most of his raw materials and components from companies or farms that are internationally known for the excellence of their merchandise. For instance, most of his Premium Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Soffit, guttering, etc comes from ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING COMPONENTS of Houston, Texas. ABC, as the company is commonly called, is a premier manufacturer of metal roofing and non-insulated metal wall panels along with allied trims, fasteners and accessories that guarantee a flawless finished job when installed. Mr. Charlie Smith, the President of the company is renowned in the industry circle for his advanced metal solutions for construction businesses since last 20 years.

For all bituminous roofing compounds and waterproofing membranes, Canyon Creek exclusively utilizes Modified Bitumen manufactured by BITEC INC of Arkansas, USA who have their sales network all over continental America, Canada and the Caribbean. Bitec roofing products are recognized as quality leading materials in the roofing industry.

As far as innovative roofing materials and components are concerned, Canyon Creek does not believe in making compromises. Most of their laminated roofing shingles, panels, ducts and decking systems come from cutting edge manufacturers, GAF of USA, the inventors of Timberline® advanced Protection™ shingles. GAF is also known for innovative Ridge Ventilators™ that are widely used by roofing contractors for better ventilation of homes and offices all over the country.

For creating eco-friendly roofing systems, Canyon Creek utilizes Energy Star partner MBCI of USA with their Eco-ficient™ Grand H Series insulated metal panel that provides flexibility and functional use. Moreover, these come with aesthetic appeal and energy efficiencies. The Grand H Series are for horizontal applications and are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, widths and thicknesses. The Grand H Series can also be mixed with vertical Eco-ficient™ panels to achieve any outlook a designer prefers.

Canyon Creek also uses durable, light-weight substitute for slate roofing manufactured by Slate/Select Inc in creating roofs for industrial buildings, equestrian buildings, temporary buildings, Cameron houses, beacon houses, etc.

Moreover, CCR’s own innovative roof-related products include Roof Skylights that provide extra light and ventilation in homes and offices. In fact, people prefer installing Canyon Creek ventilators because they can be custom made and color matched. Besides, these are fairly eco-friendly and have pleasing appearance all through.

Yet another useful Canyon Creek roof related product is their chimney caps that protect houses and offices from hail and precipitation.

To be honest about it, Canyon Creek roofing, re-roofing and roof related products are dependable, durable and cost efficient in all respect.