Questions to Ask Garland Roofers

Garland RooferThere are several questions to ask roofers in Garland, before hiring them for your roofing job. You want to be sure their quality of work lives up to your expectations. Here are some of the more important questions to ask while getting an estimate from a roofing contractor.

What Experience and Qualifications does the Roofing Company Have?

The majority of scams involving roofs, are done by supposed new companies. Their existence is there for the sole purpose of scamming people out of money. Qualified Garland roofers however, will be able to show you proof they know how to do roofing. Ask them if they are licensed in the Garland area, if they are bonded, or insurance that can cover big projects. More importantly, ask about their experience with roofing. How many years do they have in the roofing business? If they are a professional company, there should be no issues about them supplying you with references of their experience throughout the years. How many projects that are similar to yours have they worked on in the recent months? When it comes to your specific job, there are questions needed to be asked of the roofers.

How does your Schedule Look?

Different times of year have assorted difficulties in scheduling. Ask the Garland roofer when they will be able to work on your roof? Have them give you an approximate time it will take to complete the job.

What is the Exact Problem with the Roof?

When hiring a roofer for repairing a roof that is damaged, ask the roofer to explain what happened to cause this damage. If you are able to, ask them to show you the damage. Knowing what the cause of the damage is, can help you avoid this situation from happening again. You also want to be sure the damage is real. A professional Garland roofer will be more than happy to show you the damage, if possible.

Can You Explain all the Details of the Contract?

Contract details can mean different things depending on how it is interpreted. If in the contract it states they clean-up, ask exactly what that entails. Are specific brand names stated in the contract, or are the terms vague and can mean the quality can vary? Look for other question to ask your Garland roofer.

What Process do you have Regarding Shingles?

Most work on residential roofs involve working with shingles. Because of this, you might find it helpful to ask the professional roofer about them. A roofer that is qualified will advise replacing old layers of shingles, and not just covering them. They may suggest that you replace felt that is old, to have a job done with quality. Typically, shingles require to be nailed down using four nails, but they might suggest six if your house had damage from wind. Even the smallest details, matter.

Professional Garland roofers, will answer all these questions so you can be confident the work they do is of quality.