Information Homeowners Should be Aware About Roof Inspections

professional roof inspection
One-third of insurance claims by homeowners, involve the roof. Several problems can stem from a leaky roof. Leaking roofs can lead to mold and dampness. This can be a threat to not only your homes structure, but the physical health of your family. Fire hazards and power outages can occur when the electrical system in your home gets wet from the leaking water. Prior to these potential problems becoming serious, roof inspection by professionals will locate them.

Reasons to Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

There are more than one reason, for roof inspections to be completed. Receiving a new certificate of inspection depending on where your home is located, determine what type of repairs may be needed, and check approximate life span remaining.

If you are planning on purchasing a house, do not rely on the home inspector to find potential problems. If the possible problem is noticeable from the ground, they will show you these. They do not get on top of the roof and perform a complete inspection. In addition, they will not know how many years you can expect of that roof. Professional inspections can do this for you.

Somebody without roofing experience should not be the one doing the job. Without knowing about what to do, it can be dangerous walking on the roof. Professional inspectors for the roof, has the right equipment, and knowledge needed for remaining safe. They also have the knowledge for spotting problems an untrained person may not see.

The Four Times Roof Inspections are Needed

  1. If you are planning on buy a new home, have a professional roof inspection completed to ensure the roof is completely checked over. This is the same when you are planning on selling your home. Prospective buyers like to see the roof was inspected by professionals.
  2. After installation of a new roof, hire a professional to inspect the roof to ensure the local building codes were followed.
  3. Some storms in Texas, as you know, can do some damage to roofs. Roof inspections should be completed after these major storms. Not only does this allow problems to be found before they become serious, this is helpful for insurance claims, as well.
  4. Regular roof inspections should be completed for preventative measures.

What To Expect During the Inspection

There are several aspects of the roof the inspector will check over. If there have been any repairs you have had done recently, they will inspect them. Condition of all the roofing materials will be checked. The structure of the roof from the exterior of the house, is also checked. For example, if any of the structure is stained, deformed, or sagging, among other things. The interior of the roof is inspected, as well, by looking in the attic and the ceilings in the home. If there are leaks coming from the roof, your ceiling will have some staining. After all these tasks are completed, you will receive a detailed list of what was done, any recommendations, and any problems that were found.