Roof Repair vs Replacement

As your roof ages, deals with extreme weather, hail, snow, ice, etc it’s going to take on damage and need repair. At some point it will be more cost effective in the long run to replace your roof rather than repair it, similar to repairing or replacing a car the maintenance cost will eventually be more than replacement cost. At what point should you consider replacing your roof rather than fixing it? The ultimate answer is talk to an experienced roofer who can evaluate your current roof and with understanding of the costs of repair vs replacement, can outline your estimated future repair costs and what it would cost to completely replace your roof.

Age is typically the biggest factor in deciding whether or not to replace or repair, but there are several other factors that need to be considered. below is a limited list of guidelines that can help determine if you need a roof replacement or repair:

Repair your Roof

  • If you’ve had fewer than three leaks.
  • If you see light water spots on a ceiling tile.
  • If you find a small leak after a rain storm.
  • If a few shingles are missing or damaged after a wind or hail storm.

Replace your Roof

  • If your roof tends to leak after most rain storms.
  • If you have multiple and persistent water stains.
  • If the leaks seem to be over a widespread area.
  • If many shingles have been damaged or fallen off.
  • If shingles have curled corners.
  • If storm damage makes it possible the cost will be covered by insurance.

These are guidelines for the average homeowner to take into consideration, but anyone considering replacing their roof should have a professional licensed roofing company preform an inspection before making a final decision. Canyon Creek Roof Company has been around for 35 years and we have the experience and knowledge to know weather your roof needs repairs or a complete replacement. Call us today for a free estimate.