Roof Ventilation

Roof or attic ventilation is process of replacing the air in your attic with fresh air from the outside. This is done in many different ways. There are three main types; soffit ventilation, gable ventilation, and roof ventilation. Roof ventilation is important to keep your attic dry and cool. Improper or damaged/blocked ventilation can cause a buildup of mold, promote wood rotting in your attic, make your air conditioner work harder in the summer, and a slew of other issues that could end up being costly to repair.

how does fresh air help my attic?

  • To remove moisture or humidity from your Attic
  • To remove heat and to cool the attic
  • To vent out Carbon Monoxide, and other pollutants

There are two main methods of roof ventilation

  • Passive ventilation has no moving parts and allows head and wind to “passively” move air in and out of your attic.
  • Active ventilation uses fans of various types to “actively” push air through your attic.

the type of ventilation your roof needs depends on several factors such as the size of your attic and the environmental factors around your home. If you home is too hot in the summer or your electric bill is unusually high then you should check your roof’s ventilation. Call Canyon Creek Roof Co. today for an inspection of your roof’s ventilation and get a free estimate if repairs or additions are needed.