Roofer Showing Up at Your Door After a Storm?

There are plenty of licensed insured roofers in the Dallas area. There are also plenty of uninsured, unlicensed people who follow storms and knock on doors offering roofing services. Seems like a great deal at the time – they’re usually cheaper and can get started immediately. The issue comes up weeks or months later when your newly repaired roof starts to leak. Who do you call for warranty service? There likely is none, and if you have a phone number to call for the roofing company that installed or fixed yoru roof it’s probably disconnected as they chase the next storm.

As with any business you’re considering buying products or services form, please do some research. Look them up on Google and check references. In the case of a roofing contractor you should make sure they have an actual brick and mortar location in your area to ensure they’re not going to be gone tomorrow, leaving you holding the bag. Canyon Creek Roof Company, Inc is licensed and insured and has been serving the Dallas ares for more than 34 years. We’re not going anywhere. If you need roofing service or most any other residential repair or installation, call us today for a free estimate. 972-669-2700