When it comes to having your roof damaged in the winter because of hard, sharp pieces of hail, you have to make sure that you know who to call to get it fixed. You also want to make sure that you know what you’re doing, when to do it and make sure that you have all the information that is needed to get the most out of their services, while also ensuring that your home is set to go, and not leaking anywhere.

gutter replacement

When it comes to the winter roof repairs that you want to have done by a professional, you should consider why you might want to use a professional, as well as how bad the damage may be. Both of these considerations goes into play when it comes to who you want to hire. It is something that is going to weigh heavily on when you want to make the call and have them come out and fix the problem. The worse the problem, the quicker you want someone come out and check it out. One thing to keep in mind is that many roofing companies throughout the Dallas area will actually come out and inspect the roof and the damage if you’re unsure of the problem – so you do not have to do the inspection.

Plano RoofersWhen it comes to calling a company, you have to know who to call when the roof is having additional problems you’d rather not worry about. When the roof on your home is having issues, and you’re unsure of how to have them fixed or what to do then perhaps it is time to give Plano roofers a call and see what they can do. This is your roof, your home and your house and you want to ensure that it is treated the right way, by the right professionals for the job.

Here are some of the common roofing problems seen:

Leaks in the roof either on the outside, or coming into the inside
Damage done to the basement, attic or foundation of the home due to leaking water
Holes in the roofing materials
Missing shingles
Ice dams when the weather is colder
Hail damage from heavy hail storms
Wind damage that caused roofing materials to lift up

Whatever the reason is for needing a Plano roofer, you need to make sure you’re covered when the time comes. This is essential for getting the roofing repairs and making sure that your home is not being damaged by any moisture that might be seeping in through the walls and ceiling. The roof protects the home from the outside, in. Without the proper roofing materials, repairs or other replacements required; you’re going to find that these small fixes can lead to bigger, more time and money consuming projects that you may not want to deal with.

Roof Inspections

It is also ideal to have an inspection done each year on the roof on your home. You want to make sure you’re getting the most from the roof on your house, but you also want to ensure that you’re aware of any potential problems that might have occurred because of a storm, or even heavy winter weather. Our Plano roofers are able to come out and do a thorough evaluation of the roof on your home. We can inspect every inch of it, let you know the problems, what needs to be done in order to fix and ensure that you’re ready for another great year ahead.

We schedule roofing inspections, repairs and replacements and all you have to do is give us a call. If you want a free estimate or an inspection and assessment done on the roof that you own, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you. No one should have to worry about roofing problems when there are expert roofers right around the corner waiting, willing to help you with everything that you do.

Now is the time to choose the right roofing company for the job. Give our Plano roofers a call and have them come out and make sure to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. You can then go from there, make the most of your roof and home and feel at ease with the company you chose in the first place. All it takes is one call!

Garland RooferThere are several questions to ask roofers in Garland, before hiring them for your roofing job. You want to be sure their quality of work lives up to your expectations. Here are some of the more important questions to ask while getting an estimate from a roofing contractor.

What Experience and Qualifications does the Roofing Company Have?

The majority of scams involving roofs, are done by supposed new companies. Their existence is there for the sole purpose of scamming people out of money. Qualified Garland roofers however, will be able to show you proof they know how to do roofing. Ask them if they are licensed in the Garland area, if they are bonded, or insurance that can cover big projects. More importantly, ask about their experience with roofing. How many years do they have in the roofing business? If they are a professional company, there should be no issues about them supplying you with references of their experience throughout the years. How many projects that are similar to yours have they worked on in the recent months? When it comes to your specific job, there are questions needed to be asked of the roofers.

How does your Schedule Look?

Different times of year have assorted difficulties in scheduling. Ask the Garland roofer when they will be able to work on your roof? Have them give you an approximate time it will take to complete the job.

What is the Exact Problem with the Roof?

When hiring a roofer for repairing a roof that is damaged, ask the roofer to explain what happened to cause this damage. If you are able to, ask them to show you the damage. Knowing what the cause of the damage is, can help you avoid this situation from happening again. You also want to be sure the damage is real. A professional Garland roofer will be more than happy to show you the damage, if possible.

Can You Explain all the Details of the Contract?

Contract details can mean different things depending on how it is interpreted. If in the contract it states they clean-up, ask exactly what that entails. Are specific brand names stated in the contract, or are the terms vague and can mean the quality can vary? Look for other question to ask your Garland roofer.

What Process do you have Regarding Shingles?

Most work on residential roofs involve working with shingles. Because of this, you might find it helpful to ask the professional roofer about them. A roofer that is qualified will advise replacing old layers of shingles, and not just covering them. They may suggest that you replace felt that is old, to have a job done with quality. Typically, shingles require to be nailed down using four nails, but they might suggest six if your house had damage from wind. Even the smallest details, matter.

Professional Garland roofers, will answer all these questions so you can be confident the work they do is of quality.

Leaking RoofLeaky roofs are always a cause for concern. They can also be the cause of your headaches. Finding where the leak is coming from in your roof can be a tricky task and may take quite some time to find. Not finding where the roof is leaking from can cause a lot of damage if it is not addressed in a timely manner, however, so finding out where the leak is coming from and fixing the issue as soon as possible is ideal.

A leaking roof may not be apparent, unless you visit your attic more than once or twice a year or you inspect it often. Most likely you notice that your roof might be leaking if you start having water stains or even dripping water from your ceiling on the interior of your home. Water marks and holes are mostly cosmetic from the interior, especially if you caught the problem and fixed it early enough for there to not have much damage. You can either repaint your ceiling, or if there was a hole you will need to patch it before repainting.

The real issue is within your roof, though, so remember that even if you fix the appearance of your interior ceiling you still need to take care of the area that is creating the problem. It will be easiest to find the area the roof is leaking from during a time when it is raining, since you will be able to see where the water is coming from. If the forecast says it is not supposed to rain for a while, you can take a garden hose to your roof top and let the water run over the general area that the leak is coming from. Inside your home you can then check to see where the water is dripping from. Once you find the area that the water is dripping from, you will want to take measurements so you can see the area from the outside. You can use a wall or fixtures such as vent pipes to easily determine where it is on the outside portion of your roof. You will then want to repair any broken shingles or fixtures that are causing your roof to leak. You can then test the area again with a garden hose (or check it out during a rain shower) to make sure that you effectively have taken care of the leak.

If you do not fix a roof leak, you open up your home to problems such as mold – some types can be extremely dangerous and even fatal to some people – and you can end up paying thousands in repairs alone, not even counting the cost of replacing your roof if it ends up caving in. It may seem like a headache in the making, but you, your family, and your belongings depend on the roof that is over your head. Making sure that it is working to the best of it’s ability should be a top priority for every home owner.

Rain DamageHeavy rain can cause a significant amount of damage to your homes roof. Storms that are severe are usually the culprit, but rain that is heavy and constant can have an impact without heavy winds. How much damage rain can do to your homes roof, usually has something to do with its current condition. If your homes roof is in tip top shape, then most likely no rain damage will happen. If your roof has several issues, the damage it will cause will be greater.

Tiles that are Cracked

Heavy rain and cracked tiles on your roof, are not a good mix. If your roofs tiles are cracked, water will seep through, causing a leak inside your home. The ties can be damaged also, from an excessive amount of water coming though the gaps and cracks in the tiles.

Keep in mind, tiles are made to survive damage from water. This is true, if the tiles are whole as well as sealed. Progressive weakening and damage can happen, if water happens to get in the inside of the tiles or the tiles crack. If this happens, your tiles can possibly rot from the inside and fall apart, which makes them a hazard with strong winds.

Design of the Roof

Your roofs design can play a factor when it comes to rain damage. If a roof is designed poorly, the damage it sustains with be quicker. Unfortunately, identifying designs that are bad can be difficult for an average person. For example, an inverted roof can create small pools of water on the roof where it will build up.

While the pools of water built up may not actually cause damage, if your metal or tiles have had any damage, possibly rusting or cracking, the pools of water on your roof might end up weakening it. If the frame of the roof becomes weakened, the weight from the pools of water on the roof can cause possible sagging or damage the framing of your roof. If the roof frame is damaged, the entire roof can be compromised.

Gutters and Rain Damage

Maintaining your homes gutters consistently, is very important. Leaves, twigs, and dirt can clog your gutters. If this happens, the next time it rains heavily this debris could possibly stop water from flowing though the gutter and out with the downpipes. Another issue that could happen with clogged gutters, the debris with be pushed to the downpipes causing a obstruction.

With both ways, water can end up building in the gutter and not have anywhere to go. This can cause the water to rise back up and onto your roof, possibly the edging. This water backing up to your roof, damage it can cause will be worse if any leaks or cracking already exist. Keeping your gutters maintained will ensure water will not build up to go back up to your roof.

Having damages your roof might already have, will cause rain damage to be more significant. A professional roofer can inspect it and tell you about any damage that needs repairing.

Allen RoofersAllen roofers can provide you with the information you need to know that they are the right roofers for the job. Never have to worry about not being able to get the information that you’re after, since they are able to answer any and all of your questions, and you can show up right at the office and speak with some of the roofers that are available.

Feel at ease when you choose the right Allen roofers for the job. Before starting your next roofing project, make sure to check out the reasons why you should know who you’re hiring for the job, and the things you should ask them for before hiring them. This allows you to feel more comfortable doing business with them in the end.

Know The Roofers You’re Hiring

There are many reasons why you should know who you’re hiring for the roofing job. The first one being that you do not want to hire just anyone that is out there. You want someone that can come in and get the job done right, the first time. You want someone that is not going to mess up anything in the process, and that actually has roofed before in their life time.

Choosing a roofer that does not come door to door asking for work means that they have a business that you can visit and call, and that the work is done. You will get a real contract, you will have the work done and you will feel more confident about everything that you do.

The Things to Ask For From A Roofing Company,/strong>

There are some basic things that you should ask the Allen roofers for before you decide to hire them. This will give you peace of mind when the time comes to hire them for the job that you have. Here are some of them:

Certification and license
Insurance on their work, your home and their employees
The right tools
A vast history on roofing for other clients
Knowledge of the roofing industry, and of roofing homes
An actual place you can call and visit should you have any questions, or an emergency
Access to the tools and materials they need to do the roof that you have
A contract stating that when the job is complete, you can then pay them for the job

It can also be ideal to write down any other questions that you might have for them so you can learn more about them. This will give you a better feeling about working with them in the long run.

Having this peace of mind when it comes to hiring Allen roofers is essential. You should never have to worry about not knowing who you’re hiring. Chances are, someone else in the neighborhood that you live in has used the same company in the past and loved everything about them. Make sure to ask questions, get answers and make the most of what the company is able to provide you with. It is worth it. Give our Allen roofers a call today to find out more!

Mold in AtticYour roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so when you find that you have mold growing in your attic it can be a little bit alarming. You trusted your roof to protect you and your family from all sorts of environmental dangers, and maybe you never expected to find out that your roof has let moisture in and in the end – created mold. Rest assured that most of the mold you find in your attic is harmless, and can be fixed pretty easily.

Most people do not visit their attic more than once or twice a year, but if you or your family are getting sick randomly or you happen to get sick after that once or twice yearly visit to your attic, this could be a dangerous sign that toxic mold is unfortunately present in your attic space. Check your attic’s drywall and wood areas to check for signs of mold. Mold will appear white, green, brown, or black in color and will usually look like a stain or discoloration. The size of the discoloration or stain varies, though. It can be a large spot or several smaller spots, so make sure you take a flash light and check carefully.

There are several different kinds of mold, however, so if you find some mold and you or your family members are not getting sick and you find some in your attic there should not be too much of a reason to be concerned. With that being said, there are also some types of mold that are harmful to your health – from a little bit to severe. Allergenic molds can irritate sinuses and respiratory system if inhaled in larger amounts, pathogenic molds can be a threat to people with autoimmune disorders or compromised immune systems, and mycotoxic molds can be a danger to everyone in the family and can even cause death.

Size matters when it comes to mold, too. Smaller spots of mold growth are far less harmful to you and your family than an area that is covered in mold that is feet wide by feet high. Since air travels in an upward direction, it is far less dangerous to have mold in your attic than in your home itself. This does not mean that the toxins in mold will only stay in your attic, though. Left untreated, mold can spread and do more damage than just in your attic alone.

If you happen to find mold and your family and you are getting sick, you should contact a professional to deal with it. They will let you know what kind of mold is present in your attic. If you want to prevent your attic from future mold growth, there are also steps you can take. Make sure that your attic is well ventilated, and always free of being damp or moist – since mold thrives in damp areas. You can also perform self roof inspections more frequently to make sure that there are no leaks or holes in your roof to let the moisture in that creates mold. If you happen to find a hole or leak in your roof, repairing that area promptly will help keep mold at bay or completely away.

Rowlett roof replacement and repairHaving a healthy roof should be essential when the time comes. You should be able to speak with the Rowlett roofers about the job that needs to be done, and you should also make sure you’re doing the necessary maintenance throughout the year to protect the home that you live in. It might be easier to have the Rowlett roofer come out and repair or replace the necessary products on your roof, but you can do this less frequently if you take these tips in mind, and then ensure that you’re doing what you can for a healthier roof overall.

Tips for a Healthy Roof

These maintenance tips should be done throughout the year, and to ensure that you’re getting the most from your roof, you have to make sure that you do them. You do not want to keep calling a roofing company out because you have a problem. You want to make sure that you can handle it as it comes. So make sure to do these tips when it calls for it, and then go from there.

Clean off any debris that might be on your roof after a storm
Make sure that all branches and low hanging limbs are removed from over top of the roof
Clean the gutters and downspouts around your home at least three times throughout the year, if not more
Make sure to do the necessary repairs that are required on the roof as soon as you notice them
Check the attic for any leaks and to ensure that it has the proper ventilation
Make sure to check the flashing around any chimneys or other areas of the roof where water might be exposed to open areas
Inspect the roof vents and make sure to clean off the rubber surrounding them
Clean off any moss that might be on the roof
Check for holes, cracks and other damages throughout the entire roof throughout the year
If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, make sure to call Rowlett roofers, so they can provide their professional opinion
If you have a roof that is over 15+ years old, then it may be time to have a replacement

You want to feel safe, comfortable and save money when it comes to having a roof on your home that works. The one way that you can ensure that this is done is through the proper care that you give your roof. Make sure to protect your family and items inside, and always do the right maintenance throughout the year on it.

When the time comes, make sure to call our Rowlett roofers. We can come out inspect and assess the roof on your home to ensure that it doesn’t need any repairs or replacement. If it does, we can do the job for you so you can feel comfortable inside the home. Never let roofing problems go unnoticed with the help of our professional roofing team. Give us a call today to learn even more about the roofing that needs to be done.

Falling Limbs Damage RoofHeavy rains and wind can cause damage to your roof from trees around your property. The health of trees on and near your property need to have their health checked, periodically. Property damage of more than $1 billion each year is due to trees damaged from weather that was severe, in the U.S.

Trees that have fallen and branches that are broke can cause damage to roofs, structures, windows, cars, siding, and power lines. Much of the time roofs and limbs from trees, are too close to each other. These limbs can pose a hazard to your roof, even if they are healthy. The outer layer of roof shingles can be damaged from wind making a branch rub continuously on the roof. When that happens, leaks may occur. The gutter system can get clogged from leaves that are from trees near your home. When this happens rainwater can accumulate, causing your attics to leak.

Protect your Property from Trees by Managing Them

Professional roofers recommend trimming all tree branches that are within 6 feet from the roof. This not only protects the roof from potential damage trees can cause, it prevents animals from running across them to the roof, hoping to get into your home to make a nest. Trees that are near your property need to be looked at, as well. Trees that are close enough to your roof may fall on it during heavy rain, or high winds causing damage. An expert roofer can provide guidance about trees on or near your home that should be removed, rather than just trimmed.

If Trees have Damaged your Property

Contact a professional roofer immediately if your roof has been damaged from a falling tree, or branch already. They know how to secure the area on your roof that is damaged to avoid more damage to your roof, as well as your homes interior. Almost every homeowner’s insurance will cover your roof being replaced if needed from a fallen tree. While waiting, carefully check how much damage has been done to your home.

Look in the attic to see if bowing has happened to the roof sheathing, or it there is any cracks in the rafters. You want to see if there are any puncture holes from broken branches or stubs. Strong winds can cause a tree branch to propel strong enough to cut sheathing or shingles, damaging your roof. If there is water leaking to the inside of your home, use a tarp to cover the area.

Take pictures of all the damage. All receipts from purchases made including supplies bought for emergency repairs. When making your insurance claim, you will need this information.

Dealing with tree hazards can prolong the lifetime of your roof. To begin doing this, have a full tree inventory for you property done. Contact a professional roofer for help with an assessment of hazardous trees. Keep branches cut far back, keep gutters clear of leaves and debris regularly. And remember, any tree too close to your home, remove.