Roofing Contracts – Read Before You Sign

Roofing isn’t unlike many businesses when it comes to sales and contracts. Sales people often get paid more if they close more deals so some are tempted to over-promise what the roofing company can deliver for a certain price. Lots of fast talk and agreements to pretty much anything the customer wants. But when the contract is printed it says something different and the trusting customer blindly signs it. Later realizing they verbal agreement and the written agreement are different and now they’re stuck paying for services they didn’t need or not getting services they were promised in the first place.

Read the contract carefully, especially if the salesperson you spoke to seemed overly eager and agreeable to your requests. If you have any questions or doubts about anything in the roofing contract, bring it up and get clarification. Even if that means rewriting the contract. The bottom line is you are the customer, you’re paying for service and you should be satisfied when the work is completed.

At Canyon Creek roof Co, Inc, an honest, Christian family owned company located in Garland Texas, you will never be pressured and we give you all the time you need to read over our contract to make sure it covers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Call us today for a free estimate – 972-669-2700.