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Tips for Cleaning Off Your Sachse Roof

First and foremost, before cleaning off your roof – make sure that everything is inspected and repaired. You do not want to fall through your Sachse roof due to a spot in the roof that was giving way for some time now. You can prevent this from happening by having the proper inspection and repairs done.

Cleaning the Roof

Cleaning your roof is relatively easy, as long as you have patience, a cool day, the right tools and you’re not afraid of heights. You just have to climb up there with your soap and water solution and a scrub brush. Using a scrub brush on a stick may be easier if you’d like to keep standing while you’re up there. Scrub all of the roof using the brush and soap and water mix. You want to make sure to give an extra scrub to those areas that might have moss or algae built up on them.
Once you’re done scrubbing and lifting the grime and dirt from the roof, you can get down and use a hose or pressure washer to rinse the soap off. A pressure washer is not recommended for shingled homes since this can blow the shingles right off the roof – leaving it exposed to the elements and leaving you with a repair job.

Snow Build Up

Removing snow from the roof in cold weather should be done to prevent ice dams and to ensure that the roof does not cave in when too much snow is up there. Of course, if you do not want to get on the roof yourself, or are unsure of how to wipe the snow off from the bottom – hire a professional! It is better to be safe then sorry!
You just have to climb up to the top of the roof(carefully) and shovel the snow off of it. You should always watch out for ice dams that you can slip and fall on. They might be hidden under the snow, so always use caution whenever you are on a roof, snowing or not. Shoveling slowly and ensuring that no one is below the home, where the snow is being shoveled can help you move along and remove the built up, heavy snow on the roof.

With either of these Sachse roof cleanings, you need to be prepared to take extreme caution. A lot can happen when you’re up that high. You can work with someone else, but always make sure that you are taking your time, not rushing and not pushing yourself. If you’re unsure about cleaning or even getting on your roof in the first place then this might be a job that is best left to Sachse roofing professionals that can help you.

We are committed to providing only the best in Sachse roofing services. We understand what it means to provide committed customer care and that is exactly what we do with each and every roof that we come across. We can inspect, repair and clean your roof for you – whether it is hot or cold out. Call us today to get an estimate!