Selling Your Home? Does It Need a New Roof?

Selling your home and being able to move on to your next one creates excitement. Your hopes are high because you expect to get a lot for your home. One thing you are not sure of, however, is whether or not you should replace your roof. Before you decide, you will need to get an estimate from Dallas roofers so that you will be able to understand your options better.

Split the Cost with Buyer

One way that you can get around putting on a new roof at your own expense would be to split the cost with the new owner. In most cases, they will not want to have to pay for the full cost of it by themselves, and this could enable you to sell the home faster.

Get Your Roof Repaired and Certified

An option to selling your home as-is would be to have your roof repaired by Dallas roofers and then certified. A certification will prove to a buyer that your repaired roof is guaranteed to last from three to five years. This can help to ease their mind about it, and it will also help you to get more money out of the sale – but not as much if it were a whole new roof.

Possible Problems Getting a Loan

A problem with a roof that should be replaced soon is that it may prevent the potential buyer from getting the loan they want. The lender will look the home over, and then may decide that the house needs a new roof before they give the buyer the loan. This would mean that the cost falls on you the seller, although some of it may be recouped when the house is sold.

Competition May Demand It

If you have a lot of homes in your area that are for sale, you may want to have the extra edge by putting a new roof on your house. If other homes have older roofs, putting a new one on yours will make yours look more attractive to buyers.

Dallas roofers will be glad to come out and look at the condition of your roof. They can also answer your questions about your need for a new roof and its current status, as well as give you a free estimate. Be sure to contact them today and find out what you need to know about getting a new roof to sell your home.