Skylights and Chimneys

Skylights and chimneys in the roof are common throughout the Dallas area. These both provide extra looks and feelings for your home, but they are also places of concern for many roofers in the business. Not only do these things mean that these extra spots need additional coverage, but sometimes – the roofer that did the work before, did not do a very good job – which leaves this roofer to pick up where they slacked on the coverage.

New Skylights in Dallas

What Problems Can Arise with Skylights?

In addition to being a bigger problem for these roofers, it is also something that shows to be a problem for the family that lives inside and owns the home. These areas, if left uncovered and not properly roofed will become large problems when it comes to having leaks throughout the home. You want to make sure that the water is not seeping into the attic, into the ceilings and down the walls.

This moisture in the house can then become dangerous. It can become dangerous to the integrity and structure of your home by making the wood weak, but it can also be dangerous because it invites pests, mold and mildew into the home. You and your family can become sick due to these things living within the walls and sometimes you might not even know it!

Fixing The Openings, So the Problems Don’t Exist

You want to save yourself the trouble of having to worry about any of these problems. When you have chimneys, skylight installation and any other opening through your roof top, you should speak with a certified roofer to find out if they are covered. Before the heavy rains or the snow starts flying, covering these areas thoroughly can ensure that you’re able to get the most of what they are providing you with.

Continue to move on and ensure that you get the most from the company that is providing it for you. Protect yourself, your family and the life of your home with all that we are giving. You shouldn’t have to worry about the multiple problems that having an opening in your roof can cause. You should fix the problem and be able to feel good about the fix that you had made – it can be that easy to do and you will feel good about it, as well.

When the time comes to get your roof top looked at or fixed, give us a call. Not only can we come in and do an inspection but we can fix those areas of concern that might not have enough coverage. This coverage is important and our expert skills can be the ones that fix those openings and prevent the moisture from seeping into the wood throughout the home. Call us today for more information, to set up an assessment or even to let us fix any damages to the roof that you have on your home.