Spring Cleaning Should Include a Roof Inspection!

We’ve already seen a few tough storms in the Dallas area this spring and as more are bound to hit in the coming weeks and months it’s important to get your roof inspected for any damage or weak points that could cause leaks or larger repair bills down the road.

Throughout the cooler months animals and insects will seek out places to keep warm and dry. This often times includes roofs. During the winter they dig and scratch, make holes to get in and out of ant ultimately make your roof and it’s structures weaker and prone to leaks and other damage. If animals or insects found their way through your roof then rain won’t have any problem getting in and possibly collecting, weakening your roof structures and causing mold. Without a proper roof inspection you may not discover the problem until it’s coming through your bedroom ceiling. Call an experienced roofer today to make sure your roof is in top shape.

As ice builds on trees, limbs snap and fall. Icy tree limbs can cause dents and even small holes in your shingles. These holes let moisture collect, grow mold and will eventually eat away at the roofing material under your shingles. Similarly leaves can collect in corners and valleys allowing moisture to collect and eventually cause damage to your roof if not properly cleaned out.

With the cold / warm / cold / warm cycle of our winters in north Texas your roof will likely expand and contract on a daily basis. This can loosen nails, weaken joints and be the groundwork for serious damage in the future.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected this spring call Canyon Creek Roof Co. today. We’ll check out your roof show you any possible damage or hazards and explain all your options for repair or replacement.