When you file a claim to replace your roof with the insurance company, you (the homeowner) are responsible for paying the deductible as a condition of your policy, ask your agent.

There are statements written into your homeowner’s policy that would make you unknowingly aware you are committing insurance fraud if you: a) Agree to have all or part of your deductible covered by allowing a sign be put in your yard and calling it an “Advertising Allowance” or b) allowing the roofer to cover your deductible all or part. ln order to accomplish either of these the roofing company will submit or ask you to submit a FRAUDULENT INVOICE to your insurance company. This invoice will show that you paid more for your roof than what you actually paid. Submitting this invoice makes you an accomplice to lnsurance Fraud.

These are some of statements that can be written into your policy:

This policy is void to you and any other insured, if you or any other insured under this policy has intentionally concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance, made false statements or committed fraud relating to this insurance, whether before or after a loss.

lf this policy has been in effect for 90 days or more, we may not cancel this policy unless:
You submit a fraudulent claim

So, do not be misled. Any roofing company or salesman that approaches you and offers to cover your deductible (all or part) you need to strictly avoid. lf the roofing company or salesman is willing to lie to an insurance company and send them a FRAUDULENT INVOICE
regarding the work done on your home, what would stop them from lying to you? Also since the insurance company does not freely give out their money, you need to ask – what is this roofing company willing to leave off my roof in order to cover the money that they are not getting? (The Fraudulent lnvoice) Do you really want to take a chance with your home and possibly lose your insurance coverage?

lf you are approached by someone offering to commit insurance fraud,
please report them anonymously to the
Texas lnsurance Commission at the following toll-free number.
lnsurance Commission Fraud Toll Free Hotline