The Importance of Inspecting Your Roof in The Summer

Roof InspectionYour roof is extremely important in giving you and your family the right protection you need in a home. You will want to make sure that it is doing it’s job to the best of it’s ability and give it an inspection at the very least twice a year. It is extremely easy to give your roof a look over on your own, unless you are afraid of heights and have a very tall house. Doing self inspections will help identify issues that do not stand out at the time and can help you catch any substantial problems that might happen in the future if you do not fix your roof in time.

Summer is a fantastic time to do a self roof inspection. It is especially important to do a roof inspection in the summer time because although it can be extremely hot, if you need to repair a part of your roof, the heat helps cure the shingles to the area that needs help. It also helps to give your roof an inspection in the summer before any big storms come along. Storms of all magnitude, even just heavy rain storms, can cause further damage to a roof that needs repairing.

The inspection itself can be a little time consuming, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside to spend on this project. You will first want to go to the attic or highest part of your home where you can see the plywood that the roof shingles are applied to. Do this in the day time, as it will be easier to identify missing nails or shingles as light will shine through these areas. Take straws up with you and put a straw through the area if you can reach it which will make it extremely easy to address the issue on the outside. Also, while your up at the highest point of your house be sure to check for any signs of water damage. Water damage usually leaves black streaks, or large water stains. Check for any rotting boards, too, before you get on top of your roof as this can cause the roof to collapse while you are on it and result in injuries. Also from inside you can look for signs of mold growth, which can also be potentially harmful.

Once the inside of your roof is inspected, you will want to get on a ladder and climb to the top of your roof. Look around your whole roof for areas that have broken shingles. These can be completely removed from your roof, or simply just look cracked. Any shingle that looks damage should be removed and replaced for best protection of your home. Any straws that have been stuck in should be addressed as well. Algae or moss growth on your roof can be dangerous as well, so look out for any that might be forming.

Inspecting your roof is an extremely important part of owning a home. Never skip a roof inspection because you simply do not have time or you have a fear of heights. Hiring a roofing company to come and inspect your roof for you can be beneficial, and while it will cost a little bit of money it will be saving you potentially thousands of dollars in the long run.