The Importance of Maintaining the Siding on Your Rental Property

Purchasing a rental property is a great investment because not only should it appreciate in value over the years, but you can also count on the rental income every month. At the same time, you will have to put some money into maintaining the property, since it can become difficult to rent to someone if it does not look good. The siding on your rental property is especially important, since it is the first thing that a prospective renter will see. While you do not necessarily have to replace your siding, performing some simple maintenance can extend its life and keep it looking great.

Visual Inspections

Make sure that you complete a visual inspection of the siding every few months, looking for cracks and breaks. You should also keep an eye out for moisture, chipped paint, and loose nails, as these issues can get worse if they are not addressed immediately. If you find some damage to the siding, it is a good idea to have a Frisco siding expert look at it to ensure that there is not some major underlying damage. Having this minor maintenance performed regularly can prevent you from having to replace all of the house’s siding in the near future.

Check for Water Damage

Water can damage more than the area behind the siding, as it can become a problem at the ground level as well. If your rental unit does not have properly installed gutters, the siding that is closest to the ground can start to rot. In homes where there is no way to prevent water from reaching the siding, it is a good idea to apply a cost of paint or stain every few years. Even applying these things every five years can extend the life of your siding by quite a bit.

Replacing the Siding

When the time comes, do not hesitate to replace the siding on your rental property. The longer you wait to go through with this replacement, the more problems you can expect to run into. Not only can this damage to the siding seep into your frame and insulation, but it can also prevent you from getting full value from your renters. Keep your rental property looking great and you can charge more for rent each and every month.