The Roofing Process for a Metal Roof

With a metal roof comes a roofing process. Whether you’re going with a new metal roof or just replacing the old shingles with new metal, the process is relatively the same. This is something that you might have been waiting to do for quite some time and now that it is finally here, you want to know what exactly the process involved – which is understandable. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right information, that you’re confident about the new change and the material that you chose. So here you can find out exactly what happens when a new metal roof is put on your home.

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Metal Roof Process

1. You will have to have your old roof removed from the home that you have. You want to make sure that they remove it carefully without harming anything in or around your home. If it is shingles or tiles that you’re removing – they will be put in a dumpster. If you’re removing an older metal roof, it will be taken to be recycled.
2. They will then prime the area with insulation pads and coverings. They need to make sure that the metal roof has something to sit on when they place it up on the roof. Generally, the metal slabs come in sheets that are put on one by one, so laying the insulation pads down before hand is easier.
3. The metal sheets will go on one by one, they will be completely screwed into the roof to ensure that they are secured into place. Each piece will lock to the next piece, to create a secure, tight fit around the entire home.

Now is the time to consider all that is out there and make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need. You can feel confident about the choice to put a metal roof on your home after you see how easily it is done by the professionals that are doing it.

We know that sometimes making the decision on what roofing material to go with can be tough. This is why we have some of the best team members out there. They can walk you through all of your options, give you pros, cons and even a cost break down throughout the years – to show how your money is being spent as time moves forward. We want you to get only the best, which is why we are providing these services for you to use, to your benefit.

Speak with us here if you’re thinking about replacing the roof on your home. You want to make sure that you’re making the right decision for not only the material that you choose, but for your budget. You want something that is going to provide value for your buck, so we can help you get just that and so much more. Speak with us today to learn more.