The Various Types of Tile Roofing

Deciding on the material that you want used on your roof is never easy and once you decide on a basic material, you will have even more choices to make. If you go with tile roofing, you will have five basic types from which to choose, with each having its own distinct advantages. Make your decision carefully based on your needs and budget.


These tiles are quite heavy and, therefore, can be difficult to install. At the same time, cement tiles are fireproof and will stand up against all kinds of abuse, so they should last for the life of your home. These tiles are also very easy to clean and come in a number of different colors, giving you the chance to customize your home.


There are several types of metal that you can choose for your home, depending on your budget. The least expensive option is aluminum, although some roofers in The Colony might dissuade you from choosing this option because aluminum is less durable than other types of metal tiles. Keep in mind that you can paint the metal tiles, which gives you more control over the final look.


Generally, reinforced tiles are lightweight and require little maintenance. They are also versatile, as they come in a variety of different textures. This means that these tiles can make your roof look like stone, wood, or any other style that you desire.


Those who go with synthetic tiles are usually looking for something that is less expensive than the other tile options. With that in mind, synthetic tiles are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. This durability makes them a great choice over the natural materials, since you will rarely have to conduct any repairs.


When you go with slate tiles, you will immediately notice how much they weigh. You might need to reinforce your roof if you choose to go with slate tiles because they are so heavy. In addition, they are difficult to clean and can be somewhat fragile, so you could need a roofing company to handle the maintenance. These slate roofs do look great, but the maintenance scares many prospective buyers away.