Things to Consider Before Installing a Skylight in Your Home

Skylights are a major addition to a home that create a unique dynamic. Whether you choose to put the skylight in the kitchen, so that you can enjoy the sunlight as you eat breakfast, or in the bathroom, which can provide the room with natural light, you are sure to enjoy this addition. There are some things that you should keep in mind before making this decision, however, as skylights are somewhat difficult to install and can damage the home if they are not handled with care.

The Location

Before agreeing to install a skylight in your home, have a Richardson skylight contractor look at your desired location. In many cases, the area where you wish to install the skylight will have an attic over top of it, which means that the contractor will have to get creative. These situations call for the creation of a light shaft, which connects your ceiling with the outside roof. This allows the natural light to travel through the attic and into your home without any trouble whatsoever. This is a solution that will have to be discussed with the contractor, since it requires some additional work.

Installation Process

Make sure that the Richardson contractor that you choose has experience with skylights, since improperly installed units can leak. The easiest skylights to install are the flush-mount, self-flashing models, as they are much easier to line up with the roof of the house when creating a seal. The other option is a curb or edge mounted unit. You will need a professional to install these models because the flashing has to be built on-site to ensure that it fits properly. Overall, it is a good idea to hire a professional anyway because there is so much that can go wrong when installing a skylight.

Large Skylights

Finally, you will have to be particularly careful if you are having a large skylight installed, since you will have to install it without cutting the rafters. When the rafters are cut, it compromises the structural integrity of the roof as a whole, which is very dangerous. If you have no choice but to cut a beam, make sure that you strengthen the beams around it to prevent your roof from collapsing. You will likely need to hire an engineer to provide advice on how to strengthen these rafters, although many contractors can handle this entire process for you.