Watch out for “Free Roof” Claims

There are a lot of claims that seem like a great deal until they’re delivered. Often a typical consumer who has little knowledge of insurance or roofing procedures can be tricked into thinking they’re getting a special deal when in fact the roofer is gaming the system just to get you to choose them. One trick is to offer a free roof or to get your insurance deductible waived. “Deductible assistance programs” are no more than a scam where roofers manipulate costs to make it seem like you’re getting a free roof when in fact they (and possibly you) are committing insurance fraud.

One example is a fraudulent quote. Let’s say your deductible is $1,500 and it costs $8,500 to replace your roof after a storm. The roofer will give you a fake receipt for a $10,000 roof repair that you submit to your insurance company. The net result is you essentially don’t pay a deductible. That’s insurance fraud and if you play along you could be convicted along with your scheming roofer.

Another scam is called “Advertising Reimbursement” where a roofer will charge your insurance company the maximum allowed under your policy then enter a change order to reduce the cost by the amount of the deductible if you agree to put a sign in your yard. This one seems to make sense, especially if it’s hard for you to pay that deductible, but it’s still fraud.

The bottom line is most “deal” that seem too good to be true are. Use common sense and double check any offers a roofer gives you. Especially when dealing with insurance. An innocent oversight on youu part could end up costing you far more than it was intended to save.

Click here to read the BBB’s “Roofing Deductible Assistance Programs:
Diagram of a Scheme “