What Exactly is Done During a Roof Inspection?

Having a roof inspection is a good idea if you’re selling, purchasing or just maintaining your current roof. You want to know as much as possible about it, how it works and what can be done to ensure that it is safe and able to cover everyone. The roof inspection is a process however. You also want to make sure that you’re working with a professional in the field.
Understanding the roof inspection process is the first way to move forward and understand why the need for an inspection on your Plano roof is so important.

Roof Inspection Process

1. You choose the roof inspector of your choice. You should choose a reputable, high skilled, trained and experienced roofer that knows what they are looking for. This is who is going to tell you what is wrong with your roof, so you want them to be as accurate as possible.

2. The paperwork on the roof that you have is going to be collected by the inspector. They want to know what the roof has gone through, the materials that were used, the age and any other relevant information that can be helpful at determining any problems that may be wrong with it.

3. They are going to go over these files and double check on the roof if everything stated in them is true to their knowledge. This is everything from the work that was done to the materials that were stated they used.

4. The flashing, membranes and shingles will all be surveyed. They will be looked into and anything out of place, broken, cracked, worn down or in need of repair will be noted on the paper they write out to show the problems.

5. The gutters and any overhangs on the roof will be looked into thoroughly. These all help the roof function so without them in good working order, the roof is not going to work properly.

6. Any problems will be marked, written down and recorded for the record and for your files.

The inspector will go over these problems with you. If they are a roofer, not just an inspector, they can also give you an estimate for the cost of repairs. They are able to let you know what will happen with some of the problems if they are not handled in a timely manner. Having this inspection done can ensure you of the roof that is on the home.

It is up to you whether or not you get the repairs done. However, if you do – speak with us here. We are able to do the entire inspection and the repairs needed on your roof. We are a reputable roofing company in Plano that can take care of any problems regardless of why you would like the roof inspection done. Your roof is important. Take care of it, maintain it and make sure that it is always there providing you and your family with the protection you need.