When Is the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

If you know that you will have to put on a new roof within a year or so, you will want to make some plans for it. Some seasons are clearly better than others, and working around that time can certainly be more beneficial for you – in more ways than one. Setting up an appointment ahead of time with your local Garland roofers will help you get the time you want.

There Is a best Season for Garland Roofers

When you want to be able to get the dates of your choice, or as close to it as possible, the best time is going to be in the early spring. Although roofing companies do work year-round in most places, things are going to be very busy for them once late spring starts. Once mid- to late-April comes, it is doubtful that you will be able to find a Garland roofing company that will be able to get to your roof quickly.

Roofing Materials Are Costlier After Early April

Another reason why you may want an early spring date to get a new roof is because the price of roofing materials becomes more expensive about April 1st. Even if you are not able to get your replacement roof put on before then, you may be able to sign a contract with the roofing company and get guaranteed current prices on your roofing materials.

Warmer Months Means Higher Prices

Choosing to have your new roof put on in a warm summer month, or during the busy season, will mean you will pay higher prices for the same roof. Roofers typically raise their prices during the busy months because they know that they can select the customer they want – and get ones who are willing to pay the higher price. During the slower winter months, they often lower their prices just so they can get the work.

Rushed Roofers Do Poorer Work

Having your shingles put on in the busy season may also mean that you will not quite get the same good quality of workmanship you would get in the slower months. The Garland roofers may be in a hurry to get to the next job – and the next one, etc. Or, the roofing company may decide to split the crews and try to get them to speed up so they try to do the same amount of work as a full crew – resulting in shortcuts and inferior workmanship. Also, in the hot months nail guns could easily put holes in your shingles because they are softer. This may result in a not quite waterproof roof.