When to Replace Your Home’s Insulation

As your home ages, you will have to begin replacing some parts of it. One thing that is important to keep in good shape is your home’s insulation, since it is largely responsible for protecting you from the elements. You likely pay a fair amount in heating and cooling costs throughout the year, so it makes sense to get the most for this money by having a well insulated home. Knowing how to tell when your insulation needs to be replaced will ensure that you have the job done at the ideal time.

Energy Bills Increasing

When your utility bills steadily increase, despite the fact that you have not been messing with the air conditioner, it could mean that your insulation is nearing the end of its lifespan. A properly insulated home will not see many increases in its energy consumption, unless the weather changes drastically and suddenly. Even then, however, the spike would not last indefinitely, since extreme weather rarely lasts for more than a few days. If you have seen a sudden increase in your energy costs, your next step should be to contact a Frisco insulation expert to look at your home.

Drafty Home

The main point of having a home is to protect you from the elements. When you head inside of your house, you should not feel the wind and the rain, as the structure should block them. If you feel a draft as you sit inside your home, there is a good chance that it is coming through the walls because of poor insulation. Having an expert come in and replace this insulation will not only make your home more comfortable, but will increase its value as well.


A flood in any part of your home can damage insulation, leaving it wet and moldy. If you experience a flood in any room in your home, have the insulation checked immediately and replace it if it has been damaged. Getting this checked out by a Frisco insulation contractor right away beats having to deal with mold inside of your ceiling or walls.