Why Your Roof May Be Missing Shingles

Storm Damage - shingles missing

When in Texas, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. From strong damaging winds to the hot heat of the afternoon sun, these things can wreak havoc on your home’s roof. While your roof may not blow away, you might be left with a few missing shingles. Missing shingles on your home’s roof is a very common roofing problem many people face in their duration of home ownership. It is also not a problem to ignore by any means.

Wind is probably the most common reason for missing shingles on a home’s roof. When you have a strong forceful wind blowing at your roof’s shingles over a period of time, it will cause the shingles to lift upwards and eventually they will dislodge themselves from the nails and adhesive that connects them to the under layment on the roof and blow away. While weather is not something that you can control, rest assured that many home owners’ insurance policies offer wind damage because they understand that weather is out of our hands.

However, another cause for missing shingles besides strong damaging wind and weather in general is improper nailing of shingles to the under layment. This happens when a roof is not installed correctly. There are correct methods to nailing shingles that some roofing contractors may disregard when installing a new roof. If a roofing manufacturer states that the shingles should have four nails in them, the contractor may try to hurry the job along and only have their crew put three nails in each shingle. This improper way of installing shingles will eventually lead to the shingle slipping away from the under layment and eventually falling off of your roof.

Additionally, installing shingles in the wrong pattern can also lead to missing shingles. When a company manufactures their shingles, they include an adhesive strip designed specifically for their shingles. If the shingles are not lined up the way they are supposed to be aligned to the adhesive strip, it can cause the shingles to not adhere themselves. This too will eventually lead to the shingles breaking off the roof.

Since Texas summers can be brutally hot, your home’s roof may take a beating from the sun as well. Drying and cracking is also a common reason behind shingle damage.

Whatever the reason behind missing shingles from your home’s roof may be, getting them fixed as soon as you find out is ideal. Missing shingles can lead to many other problems. Not fixing something as minor as a missing shingle can cause much larger complications later on down the road, costing you more time and money in the end. When visually inspecting your Texas home’s roof and checking for any damage that may have occurred, it is also important to check for signs of damage where the shingles are missing. This is especially important to do before replacing any missing shingles, as putting a new shingle over a rotting under layment will likely cause more problems to you later on as well.